Welcome to the Family Lawyers Association – A little About Us.

The Family Lawyers’ Association has been busy working on a number of matters important to you over this past year. Below are some of the highlights:

Taking a Political Position

The Family Lawyers Association is often called upon to make submissions on various issues that affect our members. In 2014 and 2015 we took a political position on the following:

  • Legal Aid Ontario – Amendments to the Tariff and Financial Eligibility Guidelines;
  • Submissions to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services on the 2014 Review of the Child and Family Services Act;
  • Submissions to the Minister of Finance on the 2015 Pre-Budget Consultations; and,
  • Calls for a review of the testing procedures by Motherisk.
  • Submissions to the Minister of Finance on the 2015 Pre-Budget Consultations; and,
  • Calls for a review of the testing procedures by Motherisk.

Associated Committees

Alliance for Sustainable Legal Aid (ASLA)
Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) Advisory Committees
Law Society of Upper Canada Treasurer’s Liaison Group

Continuing Education

Mary Reilly of our Board sits on the planning committee for the 311 Open Bar Series. This is a way for our members to have input on the type of programs offered in the two series. We will continue to send you notice of each program as we have done over the past year.

Social / Networking

One of our objectives has been to expand the role of the FLA to include social and networking opportunities. We hope that these opportunities will help family lawyers to meet regularly to discuss relevant issues, and also to have fun! Last fall we celebrated our 20th Anniversary Celebration at Studio on King. We look forward to planning more events.

Information Distribution to Members

One of the main goals of the FLA is to keep its membership appraised of developments and events relevant to family law. This year we worked hard to make sure that members were provided with information quickly via e-mail.

Website Development

We have plans to update and enhance our website to make it more effective. Why not take a look? Please visit us at:

Membership Discounts

Our Board has been successful in negotiating a discount of $5 per session for all FLA members. We are in the process of negotiating other discounts for various services for our FLA members.

Tell Us What You Want Us to Work On

One of our objectives is to seek input from our members. We would really like to hear your ideas about how we can improve and enhance your membership by providing you with what you want. To do this we need you to tell us what you want us to work on. In the next month or two you will see a place on our website where you can share your ideas and suggestions. As soon as this is set up we will notify you by e-mail. In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail them to:

Board Members

Julia R. Vera (Chair)

Mary Reilly (Co-Chair)

Rosemary Masemann (Secretary)

Katherine MacDonald

Haley Gaber-Katz

Elizabeth Pacheco (Treasurer)

Victoria Boger-Mull

Sharon Worthman

Zeenath Zeath

Ermelinda Nogueira

Yasser Lone