311 Jarvis Open Bar Series Presents:


This program features chair, Justice Ellen Murray, and speaker Rollie Thompson, Professor, Author, and Raconteur. 

Domestic and child protection proceedings are now dominated by text messages, e-mails, business records and the like. Many evidence issues come up in these cases – authentication, hearsay, opinion, prior statements, etc. Often documents and records are used to prove past parenting under the Children, Youth and Family Services Act. Be warned, there will be a test in the form of “short snapper” problems.  Attendance will ensure a passing grade and an entertaining evening.

When: Monday, June 4th from 4:45 PM to 6:30 PM

Where: 311 Jarvis Street

LawPro approval for Risk Management Credits has been approved. This program has also been accredited for 15 minutes of Professionalism Hours and 1.5 Substantive Hours by the LSUC.

Lawyer and court workers welcome.

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