THE PAPER CHASE: Bringing and Resisting Disclosure Motions

Tuesday November 8, 2022 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The importance of obtaining and providing disclosure in domestic and child welfare litigation cannot be overestimated. Only through timely and thorough disclosure can the litigants ensure the court has all it needs to deal with cases justly and fairly. Join Justice Sager and the panel of experienced counsel in discussing disclosure in both the child welfare and domestic context, including such key questions as:
• What is the extent of the CAS’s obligation to disclose in child protection litigation?
• How should parents respond to requests from CAS for their records in child protection litigation?
• Should there be terms or limits to disclosure orders?
• How do you obtain financial records from the other party or from 3rd parties, such as employers?
• How do you obtain police records?
• How can parents obtain CAS records in their domestic cases?
• What is the state of the law on children’s therapeutic records?
The panelists will answer these and other questions and provide essential tips on bringing or resisting motions for disclosure.
Chair: The Honourable Justice Melanie Sager, Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto
Speakers: Renatta Austin, Child Protection and Family Lawyer; Nicole Horwitz, Counsel, Children’s Aid
Society of Toronto; and Theodora Oprea, Barrister & Solicitor Project Managers: Linda Hofbauer and David Miller

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