Our expert panel will provide you with practical tips about common evidentiary issues that presentin domestic family law cases and in child protection cases. You will learn how to anticipate and recognize these evidentiary issues when they arise or may potentially arise, and how to advance or defeat argument about these issues. Our panel includes an internationally recognized family law professor, as well as three respected and knowledgeable Toronto family law judges.

o Expert witnesses: what is the process and test for admission of expert evidence? How can a lawyer who is not an expert in a particular field challenge an expert witness who is? What questions should you ask to establish reliability of the methodology and conclusions of an expert, especially in child-related cases?

o Children’s evidence and hearsay: How do you establish necessity and reliability for admission of hearsay? How do you introduce different kinds of children’s statements? What is the state of mind exception? How do you differentiate between statements to professionals or collaterals v. statements to parents?

o Evidence on Summary Judgement motions

Speaker: Professor Nick Bala
Program Chairs: the Honourable Justices Spence, Pawagi and Sager

When: 17 January, 2017
From: 4:30 to 6:30 PM
Where: North York Memorial Community Hall
5110 Yonge St.
West end of Lower Level (one level below the North York Public Library)

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