The Family Lawyers Association is deeply concerned with the Ontario Government’s plan to cut funding to Legal Aid Ontario by over 30 per cent.

The FLA was founded 25 years ago in response to the legal aid funding crisis of the mid-1990s. Accordingly, the focus of the FLA has always been to work towards improving Legal Aid Ontario and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable low-income Ontarians. The FLA believes that all individuals involved in our family justice system should have easy access together with competent legal representation when dealing with the important issues affecting themselves and their families. Without adequate funding for LAO, the most vulnerable unrepresented litigants will be left to navigate the legal system on their own. The FLA is also gravely concerned with the Ontario Government’s position to no longer fund refugee and immigration law services.

We urge the Attorney General to reconsider and redress the substantial cuts to LAO’s funding.

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