On behalf of the 311 Jarvis Courthouse…

In an effort to reduce the amount of requests for adjournment dates and expedite service, effective Monday, October 3rd, 2022 the procedure to request an adjournment for Family matters will be as follows:
When submitting a 14B adjournment request, Counsel are to include at least 5 to 7 available days from the distributed judicial calendars for the assigned Case Management Judge (to view these, please visit the toolbox section of the website).
The 14B motion will then be addressed and, if granted, a date from the provided dates will be selected and scheduled by the court.
Parties will then be notified and provided the endorsement.

Some important notes:
Dates from the provided calendars should be canvassed and included on the motion first. If there is difficulty with the dates, Counsel then shall canvass with the Trial Scheduling Office.
Only dates are to be included, times are not necessary.